Monday, March 1, 2010

3rd Floor Studio Progess

I don't have any pics to share but I made some progress on the studio. This past weekend I sanded the hardwood floor and the weekend before I tiled and grouted the bathroom floor. I had some drawing projects in mind during the weekends but those were put on hold. Oh well, at least I now have renewed energy for the 3rd floor and feel good about the progress. Tiling went without much of a hitch. I had already done our kitchen floor, kitchen back-splash, back porch, and second floor bathroom and shower. The one thing I was nervous about was cutting tiles outside on my wet saw in freezing temps. I brought out 5 gallons of hot water and cut them fast enough that the water didn't freeze. My hands got cold though. The sanding of the floor was the first time for that venture. It was a full two day tedious task so I ended up having to rent the beast of a sander for two days. It was actually really heavy lugging that thing in and out of my truck and up and down all those stairs. When the finish goes on is when I'll see any and all mistakes so I'll probably take some raking light and inspect the floor prior to see what kind of touch-up sanding needs to be done.

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